Money Back Guarantee

See results or get your money back! We will never promise that you'll see results overnight. Some people may see results in 2-3 weeks after usage but it may take you 2 months of consistent use to see results. But we guarantee that you'll see improvements in 90 days!

In the rare event that you don't see any results, here are the steps to follow to validate and claim your money back for the products you purchased.

Step 1: Always take a before picture before you start using the products so that you can have something to compare your progress to.

Make sure you email your before picture to within 7 days of receiving your products - without this, your money back claim will be invalid as we want to avoid a small number of people scamming the system by taking pictures a few days apart. 

Step 2: Follow our step by step guide on how to use the products under each product description

Follow the products directions for a minimum of 90 days.
Remember it's not necessarily a fast results process for everyone. We use only natural ingredients so you have to be patient to give the products time to work. 

Step 3: After 90 days of using our products, if you don't see any improvements in your skin then take another picture and email it to making sure the lighting is similar to your before picture. 

After that, we will provide you with answers on your refund approval.